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Mario Kaspers Eladio de Leon Giuseppe di Leo Dasha Ivanova Charleena Trowse
e-pulsive team: Mario Kaspers e-pulsive team: Eladio de Leon e-pulsive team: Giuseppe di Leo e-pulsive team: Dasha Ivanova e-pulsive team: Charleena Trowse
‘EMS workouts are very intense. As a result effects can be seen after only a few sessions.’

Co-founder & personal trainer
‘We are a young and forward thinking company, introducing EMS training to the UK market.’

Co-founder & marketing director
‘I have been working as a PT for over 5 years and truely believe that it is the training of the future.’

Personal trainer
‘I used to train with EPulsive for over a year. I loved it so much that I decided to become a personal EMS trainer.;

Personal trainer
‘The greatest advantage of EMS training is that it only takes 20 minutes.;

Personal trainer
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