Our Approach to EMS Training

Our approach is two-fold: On the one hand, we will use EMS to improve your body's muscle structure, which will allow you to experience weight loss, body toning, endurance, metabolic acceleration and/or improved health for your back and joints. On the other hand, we will provide you with professional sports-nutrition and dietary advice. We believe that this approach, synthesizing custom training programs and personalised health advice for each client, will enable us to make your EPulsive experience as effective as possible. Our Members Area will allow you to see and edit all relevant information regarding your EPulsive experience comfortably online.

A 20 minute EMS workout equates to a 90 minute high-intensity gym class or personal training session depending on the programme! While conventional workouts usually engage only 50% of all muscles, EMS allows up to 98% of all muscles to be targeted. Additionally, EMS can tackle up to three key issues at the same time: a) a reduction in body fat, b) an increase in strength and muscular endurance, and finally c) a decrease in back- and joint pain. With only two or three 20-minutes sessions a week, it has never been easier to look fit and feel brilliant. EPulsive - now exclusively available in London!

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