EMS Training in London

Initially, the electrical impulse will be weak and hardly noticeable. Your personal trainer will, however, adjust the impulse level throughout the workout according to your needs. A typical strength program consists of two repeating phases, each lasting for four seconds. Within four seconds, the electrical impulse triggers the contraction of the muscles. This is then followed by four seconds of relaxation. The personal trainer will demonstrate the exercises, which will be tailored to your individual training goals, as well as control and correct your movements throughout the training session.

Nowadays, EMS training has a variety of applications. Due to EMS's scientifically proven effectiveness, it is being successfully utilized by an increasing number of fitness studios, doctors, health clinics, physiotherapists and rehabilitation institutions in London and around the world. High-performance athletes are also increasingly incorporating EMS training into their conventional training methods, in order to further improve their strength and agility. Even the military, police force and fire brigade have started using EMS training in recent years.

EMS Training  EMS Training 

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