A whole-body EMS workout, however, comprises the advantages of the conventional as well as a new, innovative EMS form. The simultaneous activation of the agonists, antagonists and the stabilisation musculature results in a comprehensive whole-body workout. Muscles can be addressed more intensively and for a longer period of time. Additionally, partial muscle tensions and disbalances can be avoided as all muscles are trained at the same time. The simultaneous tension also balances relieving postures, which eliminates abnormal load distributions, and significantly improves motor functions, as well as the intra- and inter-muscular coordination.

EMS has been used for many centuries in London and many different parts of the world. The same scepticism, which customers often have during their first EMS session, has already existed over 2000 years ago when scientists first researched the effect of electrical impulses on the human organism. Therefore, EMS itself is not a new concept; on the contrary, hardly any other training method has been used for such an extensive period of time.

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