At E-Pulsive we offer personal training based on the renowned 'Electrical Muscle Stimulation' (EMS) concept, in order to support every client in reaching their target body shape, using as little effort and time as possible. We offer 1-on-1 and group sessions in a private environment in our studio in South Kensington as well as home and office visits. You can book your free trial session below. To get a better understanding of EMS training and the machine we use, simply watch this video.*

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EMS stands for 'Electrical Muscle Stimulation'. This training method utilises electrical impulses to achieve a controlled contraction of the skeletal striated muscles. In conventional training, muscles are controlled by the central nervous system via electrical signals to cause contraction and therefore movement. In EMS training, however, the musculature receives external electrical impulses, due to muscles inability to differentiate between internal and external signals, this allows the muscles to contract without a signal from the central nervous system.

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Your EPulsive workout will be led by a personal trainer. Before one can start an EMS training, a special set of sportswear, designed to conduct the electrical impulses appropriately, has to be worn. Afterwards, the personal trainer will assist one in putting on a special EMS suit, equipped with various contact-pads to ensure optimal and direct contact with all muscle groups. Once the suit is connected to the EMS device, your training can begin.

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Electrical muscle stimulation is most commonly used in physiotherapy. In the original physio-therapeutic application, an artificially generated muscle contraction has a low degree of coordination, so that the gained strength cannot easily be transferred into controlled movements. Conventionally, EMS is used to target single strings of muscle fibres. This can damage the coordination ability of the musculature.

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Scientific studies reveal that the following results can be achieved in a 12-week period using the EPulsive strength-training program:

9% body fat loss and 4kg (9lbs) weight loss*
30% increase in strength*
89% of all probands felt substantially stronger and tighter*
98% of all muscles were engaged during a workout*

There are several studies which prove that devices utilising EMS technology are safe to the human body.

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Key Facts

Here are the key facts of EMS training:

1)A 20 minute EMS workout equates to a 90 minute high-intensity gym class or personal training session depending on the programme.
2)While conventional workouts engage 50% of all muscles, EMS allows a 98% muscle engagement
3)A single EMS session can burn up to 500kcal
4)Noticeable results can be seen after 4 sessions
5)Scientifically proven to be safe and effective by reputable sports universities
6)Used by doctors, health clinics, physiotherapists and athletes
7)Sessions are led by personal trainers and designed to reach individual goals


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A perfect blend of muscle mass and brain power. The best people formula for great personal training!

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We currently have one studio in London, South Kensington. We also offer home and office visits anywhere within central London. To conduct an EMS workout, a small area of roughly four square metres or 40 square feet is required.

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